The Craiglist Killers

That’s it? Confess to God and then you’re in heaven?

He nodded. That’s it.

He asked one more thing, though, at the end of our visit. Please ask people to write me, he said. I may be able to counsel them in their lives. And if I could communicate with men outside these walls, he said, it would make me feel free, too.

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The Six Degrees Of Sharon Tate, Mao, McQueen, Manson and Mad Men…

On the afternoon of August 7, 1969, Sebring went to McQueen’s house to give him a trim and suggested they attend a party that evening at Sharon’s house. McQueen said he’d be there. Before setting out, however, he was called by a young and beautiful blonde he was seeing at the time. Come along to the party, he said — but she told him she had a better idea for just the two of them.

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Why Serious People Watch ‘Mad Men’

On “Mad Men,” we perceive history as it passes in the background of the lives its characters, which is often how it is experienced in real life. (The assassination of JFK, for example, is seen as it interrupts an assignation and ruins a wedding.) It is worth repeating every season that we only see the Sixties from a single, limited perspective. But that vantage point is a particularly interesting one: it is the very job of an advertising agency to understand the currents of culture. The fact that those who lead Sterling Cooper so often fail fully to appreciate what is happening around them is itself an insight into a time of historic change.

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