Edouard M. C. is a french economic and accounting student, currently working on structured products in a financing and credit firm based in Paris.

Interested in various fields, from the mechanics inside Abraham-Louis Breguet’ timekeeper to the impact of CEPs on modern finance. From Steve Wynn’s elbow piercing Le rêve, to the heart-breaking scenes caught by Cartier Bresson’ precise German camera.

To understand what is happening, and why.

MiscReads. is mainly focused on longforms and various types of non-finance and economy stories.

This blog, and the Abnormal Capitalist work as is,

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Disclaimer : All articles, datas, images, quotes, links belong to their original authors, publishers. According to the layout, a photograph by Steve McCurry may appear, all rights reserved.

Links may redirect the reader to paywalls.

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